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Wooden Valance

Installation by Capable Hands

Design by Maria Borisova

DSC00044 DSC00053


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Bay window

Installation by Capable Hands

Design by Drapery King Toronto


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Project: Built-in bookcase

Old closet from the 70-s got a new life in this project. Our handyman removed the old ugly doors, added a false ceiling, and the whole interior was spackled and painted. New shelves were installed, and a wooden border was attached around the perimeter to finish it off.


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Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds can be used anywhere. Today’s blinds are made of various types of fabric, plastic, wood, or metal, and there are hudreds of colors to choose from. Many of the modern condos have floor-to-ceiling glass walls with spectacular view. But there is a drawback – glass walls are not energy efficient, and there is no privacy.
Vertical blinds are one of the popular solutions. They will block away the sunlight, help to retain the room’s temperature, and will add privacy to your home. And they can add to the room’s design.
Vertical blinds are also a popular choice for the offices. Here’s one of our past projects. The client opted for a neutral color here, making an accent on the furniture and the wall opposite to the window.

Vertical Blinds

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Project: Rod on the tall window

Tall windows are hard to reach, and professional hand can be particularly helpful. The rod for this window was installed on the height of 15 feet.


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Project: Closet organizer

In this project, the outdated bedroom needed a lift. The wallaper needed to go, and the small closet wasn’t working well for the owner. To fix the problem, the walls were cut to open up a space for a new closet, and new doors were installed along with new shelving and hanging rods. The room was also painted, and new baseboards were installed to finish it up.


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Finding Shades for that Striking Wall of Windows

Real People Living in Condos: Finding Shades for that Striking Wall of Windows

By Jennifer Myers


When it finally came time to inhabit our empty, concrete condo, the first thing we did was prop up cardboard moving boxes against our wall of floor-to-ceiling windows. The makeshift cardboard blinds provided privacy, sure, but after a week of picking them up off the floor every time someone walked by, finding window coverings became top priority.

Right off the bat, you should know that condo boards often impose restrictions on what you can hang in your windows – namely white, or off-white. This creates a uniform look for the building when viewed from the street. But if you wish, you can get something double sided or hang a condo-approved panel between your chosen coverings and the window, to keep within the restrictions. We chose a double-sided shade with white on the back, and a soft gray on the inside.

So the colour hurdle didn’t deter. The size hurdle however, not as simple. Roller shades is what we thought would be most befitting the style of our windows, but most blinds retailers and department stores do not offer roller systems over 120 inches in length. For lofts, we found out, curtains and drapery generally have to be custom made.

We opted for custom roller shades by SunProject, which is an industrial line usually used in commercial and office buildings (we have them in the lobby of HQ here.) Because of contemporary condo design however, they’ve been gaining popularity in residential developments, and have recently been the blind of choice for Vancouver’s Olympic Athletes’ Village. They are UV protective, fully recyclable, made without formaldehyde and help regulate temperature within your unit (saving on electricity). A special technology (I’m not exactly sure what) minimizes the strain of opening and closing – both on you and the blinds – which means they will last. And of course, SunProject is Canadian-owned and the blinds locally made!

Following initial contact, a professional came in to make exact measurements and helped us decide how to break up the panels. After our blinds were made, a professional came back to install them.

Aesthetically, they’re a win. Sleek and modern, they are the perfect fit for our loft. We opted to leave the roll top exposed, but a cover known as a cassette is available, which we found too office-y looking for us. Though we are on the ground floor and therefore in need of extra privacy, we didn’t go for the full blackout option, but chose instead 3% opacity for more light. This way our neighbors can see our shapes … but not our bits.

What do you think of this look? What kind of window coverings did you opt for in your condo?




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Project: Rolls on corner window

This window needed careful planning to make sure all the ends meet. But the end result is magnificent – white rolls provide privacy, yet the light comes through.

Corner window rolls

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